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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions our guests have about living at Cedar Grove Park RV Resort. If the answer you’re looking for is not here, please send us a message and we’ll answer right away.

We have both back in type pads and pull through. The back in type pads are located all throughout the park as well as at the lake. We have a variety of pads that accommodate a wide range of RV types and sizes.

All Pads have 30 amp and 50 amp electrical connections, so no matter what your needs, we can accommodate your RV at every pad.

All pads are set up with satellite TV connections at the RV pedestal.

Our Wi-Fi is lightning fast and is powered by Fiber Optic coming from Comcast. We use amplifiers throughout the park to boost Wi-Fi reception in all areas of the property. Fiber Optic also has antennas throughout the park that amplify the signal.

The lake was originally stocked with perch and concrete reinforced pipe was installed in the lake to insure good fish habitat. The perch were given a 4 months head start growing period and then cat fish and bass were added to the lake mix. The fish are fed daily by the park managers.

We are currently offering for sale the following supplies to our residents: RV special toilet paper, coax TV cables, domestic water hoses (white in color), RV water filters, 2 way filters for domestic and home garden hose allowing residents to use both types of hoses at their pad.

We have a laundry detergent vending machine located in our 24/7 Washateria. The machine only takes quarters. Change is available at the office during normal business hours.

We have alphabetical mail boxes according to last name located in the front office accessible during normal business hours. UPS and FEDEX packages are placed up front in the office for the convenience of our residents. We also have a slot for all outgoing stamped mail if needed.

We cater to our resident’s needs and have six designated walk gates that have push button key pads located on each side of the access gates. These gates are specially for the dogs.

There are six dispensers with posted signs along with special waste baskets to accept dog waste located in front of all dog gates. These places can be found throughout the park and located on our visitor site map.

Kroger is located 1.9 miles away on Alexander Road. Food Town Grocery is located out our back gate at Massey Thompkins and N. Main St. An additional larger Kroger (124,000 sq. ft.) store is located on Garth Rd. with a new HEB across just across the street from it.

Cheddar’s and Salt Grass are located on the south side of I-10 between Garth and Hwy 146,which is about 3 miles away. Going out our back gate via Massey Thompkins to Garth Rd there is Luby’s Cafeteria on Garth RD and Antonio’s Italian Restaurant on Baker Rd. Pipe Line Grill and El Torro are both located on Garth Rd.

We have extra wide pads that are configured to accommodate an extra vehicle depending on the size. In addition, extra parking has been scattered throughout the park, so visitors can have ample parking.

The entire park is serviced by City Water and Sewer from the City of Baytown.

Each pad has a picnic table provided by the park and ample room for the resident’s grill/pit. We also have two outdoor kitchens outfitted with stainless-steel, top-of-the-line grills and large kitchen sinks that are fed with separate hot-water for cleaning up. These grills can be found at the Gazebo.

We have a large commercial size pool with a shaded cover that spans the full width of the area. Under this pool cover are two outdoor kitchens equipped with commercial grade stainless steel gas fired grills. These grills and sinks are cleaned daily by a designated person who also maintains the inside of our Recreation Building. For added comfort under the pool cover, we have added outdoor ceiling fans, metal patio furniture and lounge chairs for sunbathing.

We have a piped sound system at the pool and throughout the Recreation Building’s various rooms.

Cedar Grove Park has a state-of-the-art Eaton RV pedestal that communicates directly via the Eaton software in our office. Each RV pad site has a device that remotely reads each Kilowatt from the minute someone plugs in to when they check out. Every month we read each monthly resident via our Eaton software right at our front office remotely and generate a detail statement reflecting all daily usage.

We use a natural product made from pyrethrum, which not harmful to any person or animal. The system is piped around the pool and is controlled by a timer to go off misting in early morning and early evening to keep mosquitoes under control.

We use a small Kawasaki mule to pull a tiny wagon that has an additional mister that uses a different product periodically in the evenings misting around the park for mosquitoes.

We do sell propane and request that all residents write their name, phone number and pad number with a marker on their refillable propane tanks. Residents place their tanks under the empty sign and it will be refilled the by the following day. Residents may either come in and pay later that day or the following day in person. Residents can also call the front office and have us process payment on their credit card or debit that is on file. Propane is sold by the gallon and is priced per gallon. Residents requiring class C or larger RV motor homes will need to arrange to bring their RV to the refill station, so that we can accommodate them with our longer hose for refilling.

We offer various sodas and snacks through our vending machines in the main building. We also provide free regular and decaf coffee at our coffee bar. There is also a small ice water dispenser located at the coffee bar. Each evening popcorn is provided in our commercial popcorn machine which is also located at the coffee bar at no cost for all to enjoy.

We have a new computerized treadmill which is very user friendly, a variety of free weights, and cable assisted machine.

We have a billiards table, large screen TV, and lounge area. We offer a business office center room with three computers and one printer for all residents to use. All searched sites are immediately deleted for the protection of all on our computers. We also maintain proper filters to avoid any inappropriate sites that could have a virus or compromise our resident’s data.

We offer clickers for a one-time fee of $35.00 for all residents and will buy back clickers provided they are in working order at check out.

We do not provide any onsite security person; however, we do have 18 security cameras throughout the park. Residents must use gate codes or clickers to gain access into the park. Our park managers live on site and so do the relief managers.

We have an air station located at the golf cart building that allows our residents to air up their RV or vehicle tires. We also offer golf carts for rent with day/week/month rates. Also located at the golf cart building is the dog wash station that offers a specially designed ramp for easy access into a stainless tub wash for the dogs. This washing station has a temperature controlled valve that blends water to avoid scorching your pet.

We have a dedicated water pressure pump that comes on when the pressure drops to increase pressure during peak times in the park.

We have access to an independent mobile service person who comes to the park frequently.

We use a dedicated card system that accepts cash money, debit cards or credit cards for the purpose of reloading the reusable cards. All washers and dryers will accept the reusable cards by swiping them into the reader located on each machine. These washers are commercial washers and vary in size from 65lbs, 45lbs, to 35lbs and spin at a very high RPM allowing faster dry time getting our customers in and out of laundry.

Yes, we sell 10lb bags of ice. All ice is created with a commercial ice machine capable of generating 300 lbs. of ice daily from filtered water to insure clear and clean ice. Our staff bags the ice and has it ready when residents need it.

We are happy to report the park did not, but surrounding neighbors were not as fortunate.

We do not at this time as we are focused on providing the best service and RV Pad sites in the area!

We are very close to all the major plants in the area. Visit our refinery access page to see how short your commute will be once you move in.